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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Shades of Green.... Or is it Blue???? and Wood Tones

Before Christmas, March seventeenth, my Baby's wedding day, was far, far away in the future.  Kind of like--next year!

Then about December twenty-seventh in the middle of the night, panic set in!    I'm sure it was the middle of the night because that's always when thoughts of doom take your mind hostage!  I realized that March Seventeenth was suddenly only ten weeks away.  Much different than "Next Year!"  

Molly and I headed to the big city the the day after New Year to search high and low for Bridesmaid dress fabric.  We had been searching diligently for affordable ready made dresses, but apparently our definition of affordable is vastly different from the world's definition.  

Also, it seems that our definition of modesty is a bit different.  At the end of summer, we looked at all sorts of close-out racks.  We found affordable dresses.  Oh yes, we did.  They seemed to be short on cloth.  Hemlines were too high and necklines were too low.  Hello--if we are going to buy an expensive bridal gown, I certainly don't want the wedding guests to be looking at the bridesmaids!  

So, being the martyr cheapskate thrifty mother that I am, I decided to make them.  Apparently, besides the fact that there are not affordable bridesmaid dresses, there is no such thing as the perfect color.  Here's a tiny selection of the vast quantities of bolts of fabric we perused at places such as Joann's and Hancock's for the right color for the dresses.  At last we found what we wanted (kind of) at our very own hometown WalMart store!  

See that pretty aqua (turquoise? Teal?) tulip print?  See it?  It's right there in the center on the top row.  Our final choice.  Girly, vintage-y and almost the right color.  

While I've been working diligently in the seamstressing (notice that stressing is part of that word.  Amazing coincidence, no?), the bride, groom and the bride's father all addressed, licked and stamped  invitations.  

And in other news, our other daughter and son in law have just started building their new home and.....

wait for it.......

are doing it themselves.......


Whatever were we thinking when we encouraged all this do-it-yourself stuff in the past!  :)

This photo was taken the first day they were framing.  They had some wonderful help--Les and his dad, my dad, Josh and Molly.  On Saturday, they were joined by a couple of church members.  Today all the walls, both exterior and interior are up.  Next (I think, maybe) is sheeting (covering the outer walls with sheets of wood like the one propped on the saw horse) or maybe putting on trusses (the triangular thingies that are the 'ribs' of the roof.

I'm so thankful for the help they are having in this somewhat 'do-it-yourself' building project.

So anyways.....Not much rest for anyone around here.  Maybe we can get back to normal after the wedding in March.  Or maybe after the house is finished.  Or....well, probably never...

Besides.  We really aren't too normal, I guess!


Freckled Hen said...

Making the dresses?! I am not sure if I admire your bravery (you can do it!) or kind of feel the need to hit you over the head with a frying pan (insert hyperventilating). Truthfully I know what you mean about your search for decent dresses, and I love the colors.

KiteFlyer said...

Now that you mention it, I thought I saw something on your forehead in the "Got Cheer" picture. I thought it was a smudge or a pixelation problem. Nope, it was the word "Sucker" tattooed right below the hairline.


Marilyn said...

What is wrong with this family that they have to do it all themselves. where did that come from. Ahhh I remember those days, alas one grows older and wiser and poorer. But the job gets done. I wish all of you well and pray for you each morning.

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