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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Of Course I've Been to the Thrift Store

The secret to finding good junk at junky places is to go often and dig.  You must be willing to get dirty and touch questionable things.  You must be able to see beauty covered in dirt and possibilities that spray paint can reveal.  

Digging--that's how I found this adorable treasure.  I was hunting through a jumbled pile of sheets and bed skirts and lumpy blankets when this adorable baby hat surfaced.

Of course I put it on and sent a picture to Molly and Sarah before I even got home because it was that cute. Perhaps not on me, but still!

There ya go!  Just as I promised--adorable!  

I'll add it to my "too good to let go of but have no idea of what to do with" pile.

Except I think that might be a closet.  

or perhaps alot of the stuff in my house.

But you never know--things like that come in handy!


Keetha Broyles said...

I love you

KiteFlyer said...

Just last week my son was all excited about finding a Robert Goulait LP at Goodwill. Now he just has to find a record player that works....

It went on his "too good to let go of but have no idea of what to do with" pile.

Word verification: sculle -- didn't I watch her with Muldur on the XFiles?

Andi said...

You can never move, or you may have to sort through, or even give up some really great stuff. And that would be tragic.

Or extremely fortunate for Not Necessarily New.

Marilyn said...

Love the hat and yes it did look better on the doll. Maybe one in your own size would do you more justice. You do find such good things. That is my dream....going to the thrift store every day or two. Lol

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