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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Today's the Day!

Today's the day my daughter is a bride!  We love Josh so much and are so thankful for him and his family.  They raised an awesome, loving and Godly son that we thank God daily for.

Yesterday was eventful.

Les woke up with vertigo issues.  He was better by noon. Which was good because he was in charge of a bunch of bridesmaid's bouquet's, corsages, boutonnieres and LARGE floral arrangements.  Because every bride's father must make those, right?  Fortunately for us, he worked at a florist for many years and was qualified!

We arrived at church at 9 to discover that the refrigerator where the flowers were stored had secret desires to be a freezer and tried it out for the night.  Fresh flowers do not like freezers!  All was not lost--some hydrangeas, carnations and ranunculus had to be tossed but most were ok.  The ranunculus were still beautiful after being frozen--they were translucent and papery and faded.  They would have looked fitting for  Miss Havisham (read your Dickens!) but we were going for the less tragic wedding effect!

So then last night Les turned up the fridge to be cool but not cold for the flowers.  About 11:30 I had a mental recall picture of the pans with 300+ mini cheesecakes in the fridge--they had moisture on the outside.......oh dear.......we might have 300+ mini messes today.  Bonnie ( my wonderful mother-in-law) and my mom spent Thursday afternoon baking those at church.

I gave those cheesecakes to God last night and slept soundly.  Until 5:30 am.  I took them back and worried and wrestled and I've been trying to give it all up to Him since then, but apparently my intellect can't convince my emotions that God can carry this burden of wedding food without me!  I keep trying to hold on to a corner of it!  or more.

We also only received half of the cookie dough we ordered.  So my Wonderful Mom and Wonderful Bonnie broke all the preformed cookie pucks in half and re-rolled them smaller to make the same number.

We have such a terrific family that were forced into helping volunteered their time yesterday.  A few weeks ago, Les, Molly and My Father-in-Law cut down 20 or so little trees to have on stage and in the reception area.  They are leafless but adorned with crystals and pearls and little fanciful birds from the dollar store.  A friend graciously made some metal bases to stand them on.

We could not have pulled this off (well, it's not over yet) so far without the help of so many people who sewed, hunted, encouraged, unpacked, and arranged things for us!

We are tired and stressed but I know we wouldn't have it any other way!

Thank you all for your prayers for Molly and Josh.  Some of you have prayed for them since birth that they would find their perfect mate and I think they have!

Thank you for you prayers for us!  We are excited for the future of our children but a bit sad to see the chapter called "Childhood" closed!

Have a wonderful Life, Molly and Josh!

Oh gosh--I've gotta go find a few more crystal dishes and candles and such!  and worry over the cheesecakes.  And the mini quiches.  And the reception lighting.......and.......and......and.......

Pray for me!


Robin said...

It is going to be beautiful!!!! Your family is truely amazing, I love how everyone shows up and helps out. Thank you for letting me be a tiny part of it. Robin

Relyn said...

I did just now pray for you, for this wonderful day. But, most of all, I prayed for the two newlyweds and the beautiful adventure they are beginning. I am so excited for you all. Congratulations!!

Freckled Hen said...

I thought of you early this morning, I will pray for your beautiful family!

Carolyn said...

Love you guys so much! Have a wonderful day! Thinking of and praying for you ALL!!

Rebecca D said...

By the time I write this you probably have your feet up after an amazing day... I can't wait to hear all the details!

Givinya De Elba said...

Oh wow! Have a wonderful day! Sending prayers for Molly and Josh today.

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