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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

What Would I do Without My Sisters?

A sister--your first friend--first enemy--frenemy! 

Sisters share a room, toys, parents, attention, clothes.

And they battle for major rights to the room, toys, attention, clothes. 

A sister knows your darkest secrets, deepest fears and has been there at your greatest trials and triumphs. 

Sisters protect each other, intimidate one another, have been the betrayer and the betrayed and are one another's hero. 

A sister will tattle on you and lie for you.  A sister will publicly stand up for your right to be stupid but tell you the truth in private.

Words are so hard to come by to tell how much my sisters mean to me!

When Sarah got married, Paula (right) came and spent endless hours helping us get ready for her wedding.

Andi (left) spent two days helping with Molly's wedding.

They helped cook, clean, plan and were cheerleaders for all our crazy endeavors! They read and responded to my text messages the months before while I was going crazy and needed an outlet to complain to about my family (since I'm the martyr, you know!)

Their hard work meant alot to me and I can't wait to return the favor.  Well, actually I can because their kids are quite a bit younger than mine, but still!

I'm so thankful God gave me sisters to fight with, to talk to and most importantly, to love!


Paula said...

and the sisters were the ones BAWLING like babies when you walked in. We had it together by the time the bride showed up. Crazy emotions. Love ya

Rebecca D said...

Such a sweet post! I only had "step-sisters"and we were not close, but I see all the above descriptions in my girlies... I may read this to them tonight! Thanks for sharing!

Freckled Hen said...

You guys look so sweet! My sisters are close in age to each other but not to me, they have always guided me and taught me stuff which is great except now I have more kids and gray hair.

Relyn said...

I don't have a sister and have always wanted one. Lucky you.

Andi said...

We WERE crying. It was ridiculous! We were tearing up during the stupid slide show! Which I loved by the way. Love you!

Taylor said...

How sweet! I hope my girls grow up to be close! :)

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