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Friday, March 30, 2012

Decisions, Decisions

What kind of cereal should we eat for supper?
  Les is in the musical "Titanic" and he has rehearsal 5 (yes, f-i-v-e) days a week and we are barely meeting--sometimes he has gone to practice before I get home.  I think I need to go buy more varieties--and find all my coupons--and buy some fruit to top it with at least!  

What book should I read next?
  I have around 200 Kindle books as well as shelves full of them at home and books I want to read at school!  If I pick Kindle, should I use my iPad, Kindle Fire, Kindle or phone?  

Why, oh why, oh WHY am I afflicted with allergies?
So unfair--the prettiest, most enjoyable parts of the year I have to spend indoors because I'm sniffing and sneezing.  And you know what happens to women when they sneeze after they have birthed children.....

Does this unseasonably warm weather mean we are in for another 
summer from H E double Hockeysticks?
I hate being hot.  I really hate it.  I hate sweating.  I hate perspiring.  I despise hot weather!  I haven't really even enjoyed the beautiful springy weather (from behind closed doors of course) because of the dread that fills my heart at 110+ summer temperatures.

Why does Blogger have those hateful slanty word verification thingies?

Is that an h, or an n or an r?  Please for the love of all that is bloggerville, enable spam detection and disable these wretched things!  Because commenting on your blog is all about me, right?

Will my readers soon become weary of my endless pictures
of my lovely daughter?
I hope not because there are surely more to come!  Those are the infamous bridesmaid dresses by the way. I tried to post them on Facebook the night I trimmed out the last one and the Bride became all teary and sad and didn't want the world to see them.  Which was confusing because after all these dresses were mine I thought since I had poured so much blood, sweat and tears into them......
And if you are weary of these pictures, I'll just replace them with applicable ones such as Cheeries, used tissue and piles of books!


Andi said...

Oh! How funny! I can't believe she panicked over the dresses! And they were all so perfect!
We don't get tired of the pictures!
Oh, and perhaps some cottage cheese and fruit for supper since it seems it may be a sweltering summer?

Paula said...

I found how to delete the verification words, but am not finding how to enable spam detection. Hmmmm I think our favorite librarian needs to blog on this much needed adaptation.

Dawn Castor said...

Spam detection should already be enabled by blogger. There is a blue box at the top of my blog list--the place you go when you are ready to write a new post.

Rebecca D said...

First of all... Please keep the wedding phootos coming... I may be biased, but I'm loving them.

I dispise the spam detection words... I am always amused by the fact that most of the people who use them have very few commenters...

I am re-reading the Frank Peretti "This present Darkness" on my kindle fire... I haven't read any of his books since the 90's and love that when I want to read a book all I have to do is type it in, download and read on...

I too dispise hot weather... One of the many reasons I was glad to move back to Maine. It gets "hot" here for about 2 1/2 weeks a year. I have the theory taht cool/cold weather is better than hot because you can always add a layer of clothing, you can't always take one off!

KiteFlyer said...

Hot weather is no fun. My Sweetie was asking if our elm tree had died because it didn't have any leaves. I reminded her it was the last week of March (last week). I think we're all in for a hot time this summer.

One thing I've found about the word verification is if you hit 9 out of 10 of the letters, it accepts it. Just have to make a good stab at it. Disabling it is a better solution for all, though. 8^)

Cereal for supper? Of course! Why limit it to one meal a day?

Relyn said...

Never. Definitely never tire of looking at that gorgeous girl.

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