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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Things I Learned on the Roof

The nail gun shoots really, really fast.  
You can have 5 nails in one spot in the space of a second!

No one really wants 5 nails in one spot in a shingle.

The nail gun is very scary.

Even if you think all your shingles are lining up straight as can be
 they tend to drift a bit.  But I think it adds interest to what is otherwise a boring straight line.  

To really see what you are doing when lining them up
it is best to be on the down-hill side of the shingle on your knees.
I think that is probably a life lesson:
Things work out best when you are on your knees.

Real roofers can and do wear turquoise nail polish. (the one in the white shirt.  Not the bandit wielding the nail gun)

I don't want to be a roofer.
Even if it is a good workout.

It is most efficient to work in groups--
I really could not have done all that work 
without the help of Jake, Les and Kenny. And Tim and Dakota and Mike.  And Sarah.  

I prefer being the meal preparer.
Meal preparing is not a good workout.
It is detrimental to my physical appearance.
Unless fluffy is more appealing than tough.

ALL Done!! Just a few hours before the Tornado Sirens went off.

(I really did help roof the house!  I was brave.  Even when it was scary to crawl from the ladder onto the roof.  And even though it took me 30 minutes to quit feeling like I was going to trip and fall and slide off the roof and impale myself on the bits of boards and other construction detritus below.  And I was probably a hindrance to the above 3 guys who at least pretended I was a great help.  But I don't think it was all pretense!)


Keetha Broyles said...

Are we long lost twins?

Once upon a time I too helped Fisherhubby reroof one of our homes.

Only we didn't use nail guns, I did all the pounding myself.

And FH would have made me start over and do it again if I let the shingle lines drift - - - he made me strike a chalk line and follow it religiously!!!

Paula said...

Getting from the ladder to the roof is not fun, but for me the scariest thing in the world is doing the opposite. I really do NOT like going from the roof to the ladder. SCARY!
Kudos for putting on a roof.

Crazy Sister said...

I agree, getting DOWN is the scary bit!

So, you've bought teeth at a thrift shop, and you've roofed a house. What a varied and epic life you lead!

Andi said...

Jake was wearing turquoise nail polish??

Taylor said...

Look at you! Impressive stuff :)

KiteFlyer said...

The question I have is did the roof survive the trial by fire that it got from the storms within hours of being completed?

Pat yourselves on your backs if they've still got shingles on their house. 8^)

KiteFlyer said...

Oh, and the caption for the next to the last picture should be:

Bandit - did I just nail my shoe to the roof?

Visor-lady - did Bandit just nail his shoe to the roof?

8^) (^8

Marilyn said...

You are so brave. I did that too when I was young. Thankful that all is still intact after the tornado went through town. Now that you have a crew, maybe you can keep busy doing roofs. I am sure there are a lot of those in your area now.

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