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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Backyard Tinkertoys

When we first moved to our house, Les dug a really big pond.  By hand (well, with a shovel).  Before we got all the furniture in.  Not really. But almost.  Because he had these ginormous Koi and one creepily huge white catfish that he HAD to get into a real pond before the snow flew.  Or something like that.   

Our pond is quite lovely except for the green water caused by too much sun and too many fish and perhaps too many birds taking a bath in the fountain.  

My in-laws, AKA Les' parents, had a pergola over their back porch but they wanted a solid roof.  Since we are super recyclers (really we just like free stuff) Les asked for the bits and pieces to create a new pergola over our pond.  

And on Memorial Day Weekend, Les, his dad and Jacob erected the tinkertoy set over our pond.  

Bonnie, Sarah, Molly and I made lunch, then we went shopping.  
We are helpful like that. 
Lunch:  Hamburgers, Pasta Salad, Frog Eye Salad, Deviled Eggs, chips, dip, salsa, 
home made Butterfinger ice cream, Chocolate Sheet Cake, Rice Crispy Treats
Poor Molly had to work so she didn't get to shop.  
Poor Josh had to go to Frontier City and ride Roller Coasters with his family so he didn't get to help.  
We did watch them work for awhile after lunch.  
On the back porch in the shade.

The End.


Paula said...

I like this!

Paula said...

Oh...and THE Man is still talking about your Frog-Eye salad...recipe please!

Rebecca D said...

What is "frog eye salad"?

Love the pergola btw!

Marilyn said...

I had not had frog eye salad in years and had two varieties on Saturday. Is it making a comeback after all these years?

Marilyn said...

Oh Yes. Lovely back yard.

Andi said...

Lovely! Perhaps the sun thing is what's wrong with my pond? That and the lack of a filter. Or any care. However, since I can't be bothered to feed the fish I rationalize that I can't get rid of the green or the fish would starve!

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