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Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Fantasy--Peace and Quiet!

We took a little trip this weekend to the wedding of a friend, and traveled some back roads and byways that were new to us.  It seemed around each twist and turn in the road, we encountered another peaceful, bucolic scene.  The temperatures were cool, it was wet and rainy and the colors of grass and trees, rocks and sky were intensified.

As we wound through hills and valleys, I spotted an old round, red brick granary on an abandoned homestead.  It's top was open to the sky and the door was long gone.  But the pleasantness of the view made me start to fantasize about this:

(I'll apologize in advance for creative rhyming and carelessness with poetic meter!)

I want a house on the top of a hill--
On a fair plot of land peaceful and still,
With a round brick granary and a big red barn,
And a collie dog to bark and scare away harm,

A cow in the barnyard,
kittens in the loft
And hens in the hen house
and fields full of crops.

My house will be white, with a wide front porch,
And a swing to sit in when I feel out of sorts.
It will be three stories high with a cellar below--
A safe place to shelter when stormy winds blow.

Here's the white farm house.
(from Pinterest)

Lace curtains will flutter in the season's warm breeze
And sunlight always shines down through cottonwood trees.
An American flag will hang by the door,
With a welcome mat spread on the knotty pine floor.

There will be aprons and tea towels out on the line,
And crisp white sheets soaking up sunshine.
We'll sit on the porch and drink lemonade,
And eat oatmeal cookies and ice cream and cake!

The weeds will not grow, the pigs won't need fed.
No need to milk cows or gather the eggs.
The kitchen's stays clean, the sun mostly shines,
The beds are always made in this vision of mine.

I know that this dream sounds corny and quaint,
But I'm tired of trying to be something I ain't.
It's no secret I'm weary of this same daily whirl
Take the girl from the country, but not the country from the girl.


Keetha Broyles said...

Got my wifi hotspot from my Galaxy Tab working! Whew, don't have to be weaned away from my cyber addictions.

I want to GO with you to your dream WHITE HOUSE on the hill, k??

Marilyn said...

What a pretty picture. I want one of those houses too. I sort of got confused about all of that laundry on the line though. Who does it? Hope that you filed this one away.

Dawn Castor said...

That's the beauty of the dream house, Mom. No one does it! It is just DONE! And picturesque in the bargain!!!

Andi said...

Hey! I want that house too!

One Last Thought.......

Pleasant words are a honeycomb;
sweet to the soul and healing to the body.
Proverbs 16: