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Monday, June 11, 2012

On the Road, In a Bus

Les is Senior Adult Minister at our church and I do believe it is one of his favorite responsibilities.  He's also in charge of transportation--Insurance, bus repairs, scheduling, etc. and let me say that it is NOT his favorite job!  

But Senior Adults--he loves 'em!  They are fun, energetic, loving, accepting, and up for about anything he proposes to do!  He's taken them to Branson, MO several times and this year, when they decided to go see "Joseph" at the Sight & Sound Theatre, he was kind enough to wait till school was out so I could go! 

It was a terrific show--live animals, wonderful cast, comfortable theatre.  Upon entering the theatre, you might be surprised by the atmosphere.  It smells pleasantly of hay and the air appears to be smoky.  The haze is to enhance the stage effects and of course the scent of hay is from the live animals that are almost always on stage!  Imagine sitting in your aisle seat as a camel trots by!  You simply must go see it if you are ever in Branson.  The show changes seasonally but I believe that any one of the shows in a Sight and Sound Theatre would be terrific.  There is also a theatre in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  Photos were not allowed so I can't share any from the show but I promise you won't be sorry.

On the way home from Branson, the group had a lunch stop at Carthage, MO.  It is home to The Battle of Carthage, the first official engagement of the Civil War.  Carthage is also on Route 66, has amazing Victorian architecture, a beautiful town square and is near the Precious Moments Chapel.

Here is the beautiful Jasper County Courthouse in the town square.  I kept expecting Michael J. Fox to skateboard around the corner and hop into a Lamborghini.

In spite of the missing Lamborghini, it is possible to travel back in time here.  The square had lots of antique shops with something for everyone!

I love how this building is painted!  The architectural details were as interesting as the 'good junk' inside!


Freckled Hen said...

That show sounds great, I think I saw it on the 19 Kids and Counting tv show, which coincidentally I recently saw a rerun where Jim Bob goes to the allergy Dr and gets those same shots, does it really work? How long do you get the shots? Do you know Jim Bob? Was he in the Dr office? Is his hair really as hair sprayed as it looks?
Love your Missouri pics , I'm glad you had fun!

Andi said...

I love that paint job too...And Freckled Hen is cracking me up.

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