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Saturday, June 09, 2012

At the Doctor

Les and I decided to start the summer off with a fun filled week of scratching, itching, laughing, riding and partying!

First installment--the Scratching and Itching day.  We went to the allergy doctor.  A nice lady writes on your arm and then jabs you with minuscule needles that have been dipped in allergens.  This arm is displaying grasses (G), trees (T) and weeds (not visible).  I'm an overachiever and tested positive for almost all plants tested on this arm.  Amazingly enough (and since I'm sure you care) I'm not very allergic to mold, dust or animal dander!  What a relief! 

Since that little treatment had to cook awhile, I was sent down to the lab and got blow my nose on a piece of wax paper and then a lucky girl had the privilege of rubbing my offering on a slide.  Do you think she applied for that job???  And I wondered if that was what she did all day?

After that and a vast amount of itching, the nice nurse (not the slide carrying girl) then got to inject me with even more stuff I'm allergic to.

After more waiting and more itching (but not scratching) I was deemed worthy of weekly shots.  This is where they give you the speech about going to the doctor's office to get your shots and you need an epi-pen so in case you go into anaphylactic shock you can jab this thing in your leg and save your own life.  But probably someone else should drive you to the hospital.

When I was a teenager, I went to an allergy clinic and was put on an allergy shot regimen.  I don't remember going to the doctor to get the shots.  I know I didn't have an epi-pen and my dad gave me my shots.  He was imminently qualified since he routinely inoculated sheep, pigs and cattle.  He's not a doctor but plays one on the ranch.  (Do you remember that commercial?)  

Then we left, ate lunch in Bricktown and visited Bass Pro Shop where we saw this:  

I've seen man bags but really didn't expect to see one in "America's Official Outdoor Retailer."  I mean, you can buy guns and stuff here, and it was on display RIGHT NEAR THE FRONT DOOR where every one could see it and everything!

It was really pricey--about $300 and was heavy-duty leather.  You'd certainly need to be manly to carry it around.  Empty, it weighed more than my mother-in-law's purse!

Maybe it's for hunting or fishing.  You can stash your dead birds or fish in there.  Or if you are Marc Singer and are starring in a sequel to "The Beastmaster"  you can carry your thieving little ferrets in there.  After it gets a few scuffs and scratches, it will be more outdoorsy.  Seriously, I think you would need to be "Born with the courage of an eagle, the strength of a black tiger, and the power of a god." and look like this to successfully carry one of these. 

Or perhaps (hopefully?) someone hung it on that mannequin for fun.  Sadly, it wasn't me.  Not that I'm above posing  (or posting!) ridiculous photos or anything.....


Keetha Broyles said...

Girl, what AREN'T you allergic to?

That man purse is just funny. Pretty sure I'll never get used to see men carrying one of those.

Andi said...

When Brent was doing allergy shots he learned that he was allergic to everything that blooms...

So did they give you the OPTION of doing your own shots? In Texas they wouldn't let Brent do that. If yours will I totally need his number.

Marilyn said...

sorry about your arms. I think the bags were first carried by men. Women didn't have the valuables to carry that men did in the early days.

Paula said...

Elvis did shots for a couple of years and had GREAT results. It was painless and we were always in and out of the Dr.'s office in 10 minutes (often 5) Good luck!

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