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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Week At Church Camp: Before the Kids Arrive

The cooks travel to camp a day early.  

We have a lot to do before the kids get there--unpacking groceries
organizing the kitchen
watching the wildlife....

These young armadillos were out for a Sunday Stroll and were snacking outside our window.
No one wanted to turn around for a better shot.

We unpacked the necessary supplies for 
cook and counselor pickups.

Arbuckle Wilderness is a former wildlife park near the camp 
They used to have lions and tigers and bears--
it was rumored that you could hear lions roaring at night.
Now the wildlife is (hopefully) limited to armadillos, raccoons 
and deer.  This deer is probably a naturalized escapee from the park.  

The guys hang lights on the trail, put up awnings over the decks
and fix loose boards.  Who is working in this picture???

Every day ends with a glorious sunset over the mountains.
We are fortunate to have a cabin high above the camp so we can see it.


Andi said...

I think the question is: who is the supervisor?

Rebecca D said...

Have a blast!

Taylor said...

Oh, how fun! Enjoy!

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