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Monday, July 16, 2012

I'm Still Alive But With Nothing To Say!

Nothing important anyway

What's going on here:

I painted the bathroom.  It was Lime Green and is now blinding white.  I can't decide on the color so I chose decorator white until I can pick a purple I can live with.

I moved some flowers and plants from the back yard to a front flower bed today.  In July.  What was I thinking.  They will need tons of water.

We are sitting here watching some channel that has sub-titles.  Well not really watching it.  It is just on.  People are surfing.  Badly.

We (me, sorta) watched Vertigo with Jimmy Stewart tonight.  I'm not really into psychological thrillers apparently.  Kim Novak looks like an original Barbie.  Is that who they modeled the doll after?

I am attempting to finish some "works in progress" in the sewing room.  So far, I've made a new skirt and pulled out stuff to reupholster a chair.  Oh.  One finished project--glued felt on the back of a paperweight. Well, the skirt's finished too, but I can't count it as an old project since I actually completed it in a week!  That's probably a miracle in itself!

There are school supplies on display in the stores.  How dreadfully depressing.  I ran into a friend today at Walmart.  She was happy to be there, picking up supplies, early....   I'm not sure we are really friends.....JK. 

Allergy Shots are going well.  I'm a repeat visitor to the chiropractor and have an appointment to have a filling replaced tomorrow at the Dentist.

I just finished a book (The Distant Hours by Kate Morton) where two sisters decide they are never going to do what old people do.  They choose three things that designates 'old.'  Putting underwear on while sitting, talking incessantly about their health (oh dear) and I can't recall the third one but it might have had something to do with memory......

I usually put my underwear on while standing, in case you are wondering.

Have a terrific day!  I hope I can be back to my informative, sarcastic self soon.

*Actually, in person, I'm still informative and sarcastic.  I just haven't taken the time to write anything down.  Didn't want you to fret about that either!


Ashley said...

I'll remember putting on undies while standing keeps you young!! lol!

Rebecca D said...

Welcome back to bloggy land... You've been missed!

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