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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

I love Pinterest

I haven't taken much time to look at it this summer but the last two days I've been looking and for some bizarre reason, my mind just goes into sarcastic mode, even when I like the pin.

(For those who don't know, Pinterest is like visual bookmarks.  The pictures are (hopefully) links to the page that will explain how to do the craft, lose weight, buy the product, whatever.  Pin boards organize the pins into categories.  You 'pin' a picture you like so you can find it again on the vast WWW. )

Like I'll see a gorgeous quilt and I pin it and decide to erase the "love" comment placed there ten pinners ago  and replace it with something like "as if I'll ever go back and look at this picture again in my lifetime, when I have hundreds of other projects started."

I'm overwhelmed with it!  Is it a disease I've contracted since school has started again?  Or have I always had it and it's breaking out since I've had to put actual shoes on my feet every day?

My three categories of Pinterest Pet Peeves:
Body embellishments (piercings and tattoos)--I'm just not a fan of either.
Fitness and Healthy eating--as if I need a picture of a muscular female body to remind myself that looking at the computer and mainlining Diet Coke with a side of Snickers is not building that body--not inspirational.  At all.
Nail Polish.  Seriously.  Nail Polish.  Nail Polish?  Why the heck do we need to thousands of pictures of hundreds of brands of a million ways to paint your nails?

I'm thinking of starting a Sarcastic Comment Pin board.  But then I don't want to hurt anyone's feelings. Like, now--if you're into one or more of my pet peeves, that's all well and good I don't want to hurt your feelings even though I think they are the dumbest things on earth.

Well.  Perhaps not the dumbest.  Throwing beer bottles on my lawn while driving by without a shirt on a loud motorcycle with the Confederate flag tattoo'd on your back.  Perhaps that's the dumbest.  Even dumber than hundreds of nail polish pictures.  (I'm not sure where that imagery came from--just go with it ok?)

Oh dear.  Decisions, decisions. Which board should I pin to. The "I'll never make this in a million years" sarcastic "Making" board?  or the "This will be perfect for my future grandchildren" sweet "Making" board.

Follow me on Pinterest if you want.  The little 'Follow' thingy is over on the left.  Perhaps you'll catch a funny comment or two (nicer than sarcasm, no?).  Perhaps you'll be inspired to make a quilt.

I promise to never pin anything healthy, anything tattoo'd, or nail polish.


Now I'm rushing to check my "wearing" board to make sure I never posted any nail polish pictures.


Andi said...

This is funny. Even though I have never been to Pinterest.

Or Paris.

Although they're probably not at all the same thing.

Paula said...

So I joined Pinterest to check out a bedroom set but can't figure out how to actually find any info about ordering or making it. Aaaack technology. My first experience made me think pinterrorist. I must need lessons because looking at pictures without getting the 411 on it is frustrating. Of course I might be a tad sensitive and overreacting. I'm very moody because school is about to start. Ugh!!!!!

Freckled Hen said...

I can go weeks without looking at pins but then all of a sudden I go on several days in a row, maybe long enough to give me low self esteem?
Sarcasm is a huge problem for me, I like your idea of using it on pinterest, I'll follow you!

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