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Tuesday, August 13, 2013

I've Been Reading...

I'm sure you're surprised.  I've not been blogging.  Unfortunately since the coming of the iPad, the computer has been shunted to the side.  Not the iPad is unfortunate--I love it.  But even with a bluetooth keyboard, blogging is much less convenient.

Today is the last day of Summer Break.  (insert crying and gnashing of teeth here.  You might even include writhing around on the floor but I'm trying to stop that)  Yesterday, the next to the last day before I have to report for school was spent being miserable alternately on the couch, my red chair and in bed.  Summer flu--horrible.  So I didn't really feel like crying and all that because of the end of summer break.  I was crying for a different reason. And by the way (this might be too much information) no one tells you how important Kegel exercises are when it comes to throwing up.  That's all I've got to say about that.

So about the books.  I've read tons.  Lots of Kindle freebies.  Lots of sequels to Kindle Freebies that I had to purchase for a small amount of money (Unless you add it all up and let's not, ok?).  Thrift shop and garage sale purchases.  Also a few Advanced reader copies from publishers.

Zondervan (Christian Publisher) has a relatively new Young Adult book imprint, Blink.  The books are not "Christian" but are a great way for public and public school librarians to get their hands on great stories from a Christian Publisher.  I get monthly emails from them with choices of books to request!  I love it.  If you like YA books or know of a teen that does--sign up and read away!

Aquifer by Jonathan Freisen is set in the future where water is scarce and those who control it control everything.  Luca knows that someday he will take over his father's duties--he is the son of the Deliverer who is entrusted with the survival of the world by knowing the way to the underground Aquifer where he appeases the ratlike miners who control the world's water supply.  Luca's father disappears and he finds himself thrust into a role he isn't ready for.  Luca's inheritance reveals the true nature of perceived friends and enemies.  He discovers knowledge that is kept from the general population to keep them subdued and he also finds (of course) that he is stronger, braver and smarter than he thought possible.

Reality Ends Here by Alison Gaylin is the story of Estella Blanchard and her family who are the stars of the reality show "Seven is Heaven."  I thought this might be a fluffy "Hollywood" piece but was pleasantly surprised at the elements of mystery and the depth of some of the minor characters.  It includes a lot--a Christmas gift from a long dead father, a surprise friendship with a boy band star, sibling relationships, an attempted murder and high speed car chases.  And did I mention bedwetting and wrestling matches?

I received both of these books free to evaluate.  I must admit I'm a bit weary of the futuristic, dystopian direction of Young Adult Fiction but I did enjoy Aquifer and plan to purchase both of these novels (if I ever get any funding) for our school library.

I've got more books to read and review so I'll stop here.

By the way--it's 10 am and 72 degrees here on my back porch in Oklahoma.  What?  After the drought and heat we've had for the last three years, I was afraid Aquifer might become a reality but at last we've had rain and unimaginably cool temperatures!  Yay!    So I'm sitting here watching hummingbird wars, listening to the fountain in the pond, admiring the neighborhood squirrels gymnastic ability and wondering why I can't get rid of those darn moles whose tunnels are making my birdbaths list to the side.

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