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Sunday, October 13, 2013

Beyond the Door

I lie in my bed and talk to You.  But my mind wanders.  As I pray, thoughts distract me.

I see canvas all around me.    Am I surrounded with curtains?  Or I am in a tent?
Far above my head is an ornate brass pull.  If I can only reach high enough to pull it, what will be revealed?

Would it be the vast inky blackness of the night sky, studded with glittering stars
The infinite forever of the universe.  Will the darkness still hide You from me?  Or will I hide in it?

Or would I find the rolling ocean, whose depths hide wonders that man has never seen?  Would it be the froth and roll of the tides and waves, occasionally spitting out a glimpse of You, but shielding the true wonder that You are far beneath the foamy green depths?

Beyond the canvas door would there be endless rolling plains of golden grass, waving in the wind, calling me to step boldly into the unknown?

What will I find if I leave the safety of my tent?

You are calling me to come explore Your glory, beckoning for me to leave the safety of this canvas cocoon I have built around myself and telling me I have enough faith and enough bravery to explore the world because You are always with me.

Could the universe light up with flashes of light--shooting stars, fiery comets and planets in motion, reflecting the glory of You?

Can the sea become as still as glass, allowing me dive into its depths and explore the green water and see the vastness of Your love?

Can I leave the tent behind and stride into the great and endless expanse of grass, relying on You for safety on my journey--following to find, just over the hill, green treetops that indicate refreshing cool water, where I can linger and rest with You?

Give me courage as I gaze into the night sky, when I plunge into the ocean sea and as I wander on the endless plains.

Give me the courage to know that You are there, out of sight, but still beside me, encouraging me to leave my safe nest, to pull the curtains back, to reveal the vast, infinite glory that awaits.


Andi said...

Beautiful! Great way to start a Sunday morning.

Andi said...

Beautiful! Great way to start a Sunday morning.

Jennifer Jackson said...

as usual, FANTASTIC!!! I love love love reading your words!!!!

Jennifer Jackson said...
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