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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Random hits to my blog

When I first put the Sitemeter counter and Feedjit Live Traffic Map and Live Traffic Feed on my blog it was all about pride. And numbers. And curiosity. And cool gadgets! I just really wanted to know how many hits my blog had a day. Little did I know that the Sitemeter was going to garner the least of my interest in times to come.

If you look at the traffic map, you can see where my blog visitors live. All over the United States, including Hawaii! And in Europe--France and Italy and Germany and some place who's flag is red with a star and a crescent! And in Singapore and China and Australia. I'm worldwide! How cool is that! But what the heck brings those people here?

If you look at the feed, you can see what kind of search brought them to "It Just Dawned on Me." Most people visit via a link on a friend's blog. And some visitors come over on Vintage Thingy Thursday to see which piece of junk, I mean, treasure, I'm showing off that day. But some visitors....

Well, I've had quite a number of visitors checking out my china via a google search on 'Currier and Ives' dishes. And lots have visited Googling "I smile because you are my sister." Hmmm. Why would anyone search that phrase? And there were a few others searching for specific vintage things.

The one that cracked me up the most was when I posted a blog titled 'Maybe Werewolves are Real.' The visitor was from England. And I posted that in the Fall...
-Was it an individual who really DOES think werewolves are real?
-Was it a school child doing a report for class?
-Were they vastly disappointed in my post?
-Did they use it in their research paper
most importantly--
--DID THEY CITE IT CORRECTLY and give me credit????? That's the one I'd most like to know the answer to--beings I'm a librarian and all!

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