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Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Shades of Holly Hobbie?

Last night I discovered ANOTHER blog devoted to crafts, sewing and juicey, yummy color! It's Allsorts, the blog of children's book illustrator and amazing creator of all sorts of stuff, Jenny B. Harris. You must visit and see her studio--it's to die for--I want to move in!

And then I found her tutorial to a crazy nine patch quilt made with 30's inspired fabrics and knew I was in trouble. I've thought about it all day while helping teenagers research such uplifting subjects as abortion, suicide, underage drinking and the like. Bleh.

So I came home after school, dug through the fabric and came up with nine coordinating pieces to make these funky squares. On the screen they look a little Holly Hobbie-ish but I think they turned out out fun!

I don't know what to use to sew them together. I don't have enough of anything here. Guess that means a trip to look at fabric. 'sigh.' :)

And guess what! When Les came home and saw me cutting these up, he didn't even say--"But you don't have the other one done yet!"

And I don't--but I'm getting there!

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Janice said...

Cute. You are really getting into quilting. I really want to, but seems like when I get home from work all I feel like doing is what has to be done. But this blog inspires me. Maybe Thursday!

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