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Monday, March 02, 2009

Unfortunately, Dawn…

I've been reading about various meme's around the blogosphere and in emails and on MySpace and face book and have been too lazy till today to see what that really means. Wikipedia has a long boring discussion about it referring to psychology and ideology and 'metanomics of mind,' etc., etc. Really--I only took the required psychology classes in college and hated them and prefer not to go back there......

But at the very bottom of the oh-so-always-accurate Wikipedia article :), were a few sentences on memes in the "Internet Sub-culture of 2009." (Really, was this someone's dissertation???) A meme is the quick spread of humor spread through emails and the internet. Oh. Well. All that reading for that Definition?

Here's a meme you can play if you want. And you don't have to worry that it is bad or self involved (me me! heehee)

Just type 'Unfortunately, (your name here)' in a search engine and see what you come up with! It's quite bazaar, actually!

Unfortunately, Dawn does not work with AOL

Unfortunately, Dawn's new life comes with a very high price

Unfortunately, Dawn has limited storage capacity and cannot accept all items.

Unfortunately, Dawn soon became pregnant (that's not one bit humorous--there's also a bit in there about a 15 year old boyfriend-yuck)

Unfortunately, Dawn had to cancel it.

Unfortunately, Dawn was being scrutinized by people who had no mission experience.

Unfortunately, Dawn had a very bad car accident.

Unfortunately, Dawn does not have a magnetometer.

Unfortunately, Dawn's bank wouldn't release funds for the house payment or a new roof.

OK. This is depressing--let's try "fortunately!"

Fortunately, Dawn was well-adjusted and intelligent (ahem, yes!)

Fortunately, Dawn's parents paid for the flight.

Fortunately, Dawn was able to snap up a small shop near where she lives.

Fortunately, Dawn has robust technical margins.

Fortunately, Dawn was given a second hearing.

Fortunately, Dawn is still able to police you.

Fortunately, Dawn did not give up.

Fortunately, Dawn's mother did not listen to the doctors.

Fortunately, Dawn became a resident of Trillium Facility and within a short time, she stabilized.

So, there ya go--have a little fun with this meme nonsense!

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Jenny said...

Okay. I had to try it. Fortunately Jenny... It was a crack up but I didn't have the guts to go at it Unfortunately:-)
BTW...can I have some of those cookies from your last post. I could use some buttery goodness

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