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Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Prom Season--Funkytown

Won't you take me to....Funkytown.

Yes, ladies and gentlemen, that was the lovely theme that was chosen for our junior prom. It was the disco era. Actually, according to Very Credible Internet Sources (are there any?) "Funkytown" by Lips, Inc. was the song that held off the death threat that disco was feeling!

Our decorations were all very urban--black and silver and city silhouettes on the walls. We also had a REAL WORKING FOUNTAIN! I'm sure you're notice the delightfulness of it here.

I was in FHA in high school and every spring there was a state FHA convention in Oklahoma City. It had turned into a 'sort-of' tradition to purchase the year's prom dress when the group visited the mall. It was fun to go with your friends to all the stores and try on dress after dress after dress..... Then when we got on the bus and headed home, everyone showed off her purchase! Unless you wanted to be secretive and unveil the dress at the prom!

My dress was yellow. My fingernails were painted some color with 'Mink' in the name. My date was David. He was a really nice guy and evidently I was a really nice girl because his real girlfriend who was a freshman, decided it would be ok for he and I to go together cause I was so nice and trustworthy and all.....hmmmph. Just what I wanted to be--nice and trustworthy.

The real highlight of the night was a storm. We had decorated for the dance through rain and wind. But prom night, we were so busy limbo-ing and bunny hopping and disco-ing, that we failed to notice the howling wind and pouring rain.

Until the sirens went off.

Then we lost electricity.

'Funkytown' was abruptly silenced and our principal shouted for us all to move to the sides of the room. We rushed to do as we were told amidst a few shrieks and spilled punch. I remember kneeling there with my friends listening to the roof vents flapping in the wind. After a few minutes, a flashlight or two was found and we were ushered to the halls of the school.

I don't remember seeing my parents (who were chaperoning) at the dance but I made a beeline for them in the hallway!

After what seemed like an eternity, the storm passed and everyone was sent home. We walked out of our dance and looked around at the twisted trees, the fallen branches and the torn leaves all over the ground. I don't think it was a 'real' tornado, but the high winds sure caused a mess and broke up the party! And worst of all--my dress had a permanent mud stain on the hem!

I'm unable to find a color picture from high school of my yellow prom dress. So I'm substituting this.

Are you ready?

Are you sure?

Keep Scrolling!

I'll bet you're dying to know what's coming up.

Is the suspense getting to you yet????

How brave are you?

Here we go.......


Are you finding this endless nonsense annoying???

Surely not!


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Andi said...

Is that really your dress? You can fit in it? You rock! Or is it groovy, baby? I'm sorry, I don't know disco lingo!

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