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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Prom Season

It is spring when all teenagers (girls at least!) turn to thoughts of prom. This lovely pumpkin-colored gown is the one I wore to the LHS prom in 1980. I'm afraid I can't model it for you! It is enhanced with a fluttery ruffle that can be worn on or off the shoulder! AND you can make a whole new look by hooking the bottom ruffle up to the hidden threads at the waist to create a bustle effect!

Not that's one I definitely don't need to model!

Oh, the memories of Prom! I well remember the first prom I attended. Well, not really. I remember going, I remember what I wore, I remember leaving and going home. So evidently nothing memory-worthy happened, except......

I was a Sophomore. The mighty, mighty Juniors get to choose Sophomore servers for the Banquet. Woohoo! I was chosen!

The mighty, mighty juniors get to choose the theme of the Prom. In 1980, it was "Looks like we made it." (ooh Barry, sing it to me!)

The mighty, mighty juniors with terrible taste get to choose the matching outfits the sophomore servers get to make (sew), purchase and wear. I think I must have blacked out the rest of this from my memory!

Honey, there must have been a huge sale on terrycloth that week, 'cause our dresses were made of navy terrycloth with turquoise accents. Can't you just picture us? Desperate to go to the prom, no junior/senior date, so we'd wear anything.

The design--I guess you'd call it a shirtwaist style--extremely full skirt and the top part buttoned up the front and had a collar. The elasticized waist drooped from the weight of all that material. The fabric had no body so the collar just kind of hung there and splayed out. Oh my. The memory makes me shudder!

I'm afraid I'll have to disappoint you because I have no pictures of the dress.

The dresses did match the prom theme perfectly--

"Looks like we made it........

Tune in soon for more prom remembrances with "Funkytown!"

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