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Saturday, May 02, 2009

GUPCU Saturday

Yesterday afternoon, while I was sitting in yet another never-ending testing session, I was contemplating my upcoming calendar and what is going on this next week. And I couldn't think of anything. I thought, and I thought, and I thought, and came to the conclusion that it was----nothing! It is totally amazing! I was almost beside myself (can you imagine two of me !).

So last night I began the Great Unfinished Project Clean-Up (known from here on out as GUPCU). You can see a bunch of them here and here. But I must confess, I didn't finish any of those, I finished ones I've started since then! Haha!

And I've tried this before--finishing stuff--but something always happens. I get an irresistable urge to organize. The lighting is wrong, the glue is dried up, I'm out of white thread, the prom dress needs hemmed, etc, etc, etc.....

I started small for GUPCU. One evening at my friend Sue's house, I saw that she had a cute basket filled with balls of ribbon. Upon closer inspection, my crafty queen friend, Laura and I determined that these were probably styrofoam balls wound with ribbon.

"We could make these!" So I bought styrofoam balls and some cute ribbon the next time I was at Wal-Mart and started a few of these. And then discovered I needed more ribbon and balls and wouldn't upholstery tacks look cute on them? So I put them in a plastic bin and went on my merry way! But I finished them last night!

I tried putting them in a basket, then a jar, then on a pedestal dish, but they wanted to be all symmetrical, so they ended up on these candlesticks. Aren't they cute?

SAY YES! By the way, I like tarnish along with chippy and worn, so don't be hating my candlesticks, ok?

Do you like Dollar Tree as much as we do? For the price, what's not to love? Ok, so the smell in there is weird. And most everything is made in China. And the wrapping paper is thin--but hey, it's only one dollar! And there's lots of great stuff in there! You've got to keep going back, cause you never know what you'll find!

I wanted a new rug for my l-o-n-g laundry room but didn't want to spend much money. So when I found these cute and bright rag rugs at The Dollar Tree, I bought all they had! Notice the artwork on the far wall--stipple by Sarah and Molly done in Freshman art class. Sarah's is the girl with the mouse and Molly did the apple branch--did I tell you they are talented as well as gorgeous?? If you want, you can click on this picture and get a better view of the paintings--go ahead, I don't mind waiting!

I zigzagged the rugs together, four for in front of the washer and two for the entry from the garage. Then I put some of that rubbery shelf liner on the floor and threw the rugs on top of it. No need to worry about having enough of the shelf liner for the whole rug--just on either end. No slips or skids! And the shelf liner came from Dollar Tree also. I contemplated sewing that on but didn't know if it would work or how it would launder, so I just put some pieces directly on the floor.

Ta-Da! A colorful rag runner for my laundry room!

I also finished (at last) the quilt top I started way back in February. All has been finished except the borders for months--of course! I'll post a picture when I get it quilted--next year!

Well, I'm gonna go and work on some more stuff--decoupage a bracelet, finish another wreath, embroider some pillow cases, try to recall that great idea I had for some solid feedsacks my mom gave me.......

Hahahahahaha! Heeheeheehee! Hohohohohoho!


FLO said...

Love that rug idea! I'm gonna try that one! Thanks!

Brenda said...

I was just in Dollarama yesterday and was amazed again at what can be made and sold for a buck. LOVE the ribbon balls and love what you did with the rug! That REALLY suits the room!

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