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Thursday, July 09, 2009

Backyard "WILD" Life

You'd think our backyard would be a peaceful, quiet retreat. And you'd be right--sometimes! After all, we live in a quiet neighborhood. In fact, across the street to the west, behind our neighbor's fence is the city cemetery! Can't get much quieter than that!


When no one is watching....

There's a lot of demolition, death and destruction going on!

I really hope these caterpillars that are munching on my gigantic sunflowers are going to be beautiful butterflies--not moths! So far, they've only eaten one plant. When I find them on another sunflower, I pick them up and transport them to the skeletal one!

And this white catfish: Do you see him? cue Jaws music....

He's the guy sticking his whiskers up around the lily pads. He's our resident Water Lily Annihilator. When Les brought him home from the pet store, he was only about 3 inches long and was to help keep the bottom of the pond clean. I'll be out there pulling weeds and hear a giant splash behind me and turn around to see him biting off a mouthful of pink flowers.

He/she/it's grown a bit--the thing is now about two feet long, strong and muscular and just a little revolting looking. He needs a new home in a bigger pond!

And look at this cute, white, cuddly, soft bundle of fur! Isn't she sweet? She can be. And she is the softest cat I've ever petted in my life--her fur is like silk. But beware--she is a might jungle hunter in disguise!

I tell you--the pigeons and other birds are afraid of her! She flattens herself out on the ground, becoming one with the grass (as if) and slowly and patiently stalks her prey. The only giveaway is her madly twitching raccoon ringed tail! I frequently find gnawed avian parts and bird feathers scattered around. Last summer we were even gifted with a hummingbird on the door mat!

Then there's the Mississippi Kites! They must have a nest somewhere near hear because we get tag-team dive-bombed.

I have no picture of these instruments of terror from the skies.


Because I'm afraid!

I mean, hey, I'm standing out in my backyard, minding my own business--even filling up the bird feeder for heaven's sake!

I hear the rush of wings (well, not really because you know I'd never really hear that!) look up into the sky and stare straight into the eyes of a merciless killer!

I found this picture on the internet so after YOU are hit, you will recognized the bird!

These birds have a mean look, a sharp beak and are just plain scary! Their three foot wing span and sharp, outstretched talons as they approach their victim is intimidating! They eat bugs (good), small amphibians, baby rabbits (boohoo) and small birds.

They are protected and you can't shoot guns in town (but the pressure sprayer is a pretty good deterrent!) so they are multiplying like mad. If you see someone on the walking trail, wearing a hat and waving their hands in the air, that person is not crazy, they are just trying to ward off a bird attack!

A Les Funny:
Back when we lived on Maple, we bought bikes--I think even before Molly was born. Les decided to ride it to school one afternoon during the summer. He was heading south on thirteenth, almost to his destination and something or someone hit him hard on the back of the head! Before he could recover he was hit again and had a bike wreck! He thought he'd been set upon by a street gang or something but no, it was the Mississippi Kite! Okay, it was not such a funny story for him at the time, but now it is.

Except when he is in the backyard, standing there, shaking his fist at the sky and shouting--"You'd better be glad I don't own a gun!"

I just wish he'd take a camera out there with him and snap it at the very last moment....

Before he gets scalped!

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