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Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Is there such a thing?

I think I may have adult onset ADD. I spend my summer days roaming around from project to project and dreaming up more projects to start.

And by the way, just so you'll know, we only have about 5 more weeks of summer vacation. I don't know when school starts. I don't care when school starts. I don't want to know when school starts and the whole aspect of school just puts me in a bad mood so don't mention it, OK? And don't talk about an extended school year or school funding or the stupid cursed lottery or testing or, or, or, anything else school-related. And if you see defaced back-to-school signs at Wal-Mart, just keep my name out of it.

Oh, pardon me.

So I looked out my kitchen window this morning and thought--hey! It's 70 degrees. I have a wireless laptop! I think I'll sit on the porch and write and ponder and listen to the water run in the pond. And watch the birds fight at the bird feeder and the cat chasing bugs!

But then I thought--"no you won't, you will sit out there for two minutes, notice that there are weeds somewhere, notice that the porch needs swept and the bird feeder filled and the pond filter cleaned and you won't relax."

I have been working on a quilt since January. Everything except the binding is finished and I started that on Sunday. But when I go in the sewing room to work on it, I remember the other unfinished projects I have. I think of the cute little free patterns I downloaded off the internet to make a craft. I notice that the fabric is a mess. I think that if I had another plastic box (or ten), I'd be more organized and productive. And so I start three things and don't finish any of them!

By the way, when my mom cleaned out her sewing closet, she found this dress I made a few (ten?) years ago that is now to big for me (as long as I stay away from the cookies!)

I love this fabric--Isn't it cute and summery and juicy looking!

So I was thinking, I could cut the skirt off and put a waistband on it and have a cute skirt. Or use the fabric for chair seat covers, or make dishtowels, or........

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Becky said...

I absolutely identify - since I have about five projects going on right now and none of them are finished! Someday we will both feel like we got a lot accomplished, I think...

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