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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Vintage Little Golden Books

Today is Thursday and you know that it is time for Vintage Thingy Thursday! Visit The Colorado Lady and see what treasures are being shown off this week!

I've had a love affair with Little Golden Books since I was, well, little! I have some of mine and when my girls were small, we bought them frequently. My favorite author was and still is Margaret Wise Brown. I've posted before about my very favorite, "Home for a Bunny."

At garage sales and thrift stores, their gold foil bindings beckon me even buried amongst torn doll clothes and wheel-less cars. Usually, I only find Cartoon/Disney/Television show tie-in's but I always dig through the children's books, hoping for buried treasure!

Saturday (after participating in the dark thirty fake rain photo shoot) I found these! "The Dress Up Parade" is not a Little Golden Book, but it was in great shape and I bought it anyway. My sister had "The Ginghams," (I think) so I bought it and "Pussy Willow" is by Margaret Wise Brown. And "A Day at the Zoo" is just so classic! And these books were meant for me because the main character in the 'Zoo' book is Molly and the in "The Ginghams," it's Sarah! How perfect is that!

Little Golden Books were first published in 1942 and sold for a quarter. "The Ginghams," copyright 1976, has 49 cents printed on the cover. I buy them at Wal-Mart now for baby gifts for $2.50 each. Although this is ten times the original price, I'm pretty sure that inflation has not hit this item like it has many other things!

Visit the Little Golden Books website to download printables and desktop icons like the Poky Little Puppy!

Read a few of the earliest ones on line for free here.

And hey, would you please pray for my daughter, Molly (pictured here second from right) who is once again going to Romania with our church group to minister to the gypsies in Arad? They fly out of Oklahoma City today (Thursday) and will be in Arad sometime Friday. The group of 18 will spend the next two weeks giving free haircuts and medical assistance, conducting Bible School type play sessions, and loving on and meeting the needs of the gypsy villagers. I'll post more later. Thanks for your prayers!


Roslyn said...

God's blessings go with Molly & her group. Our mission team leaves next week for Rwanda-seventh trip, some very remote unreached people !

fitty's pinky rose cottage said...

Little Golden Books.. I love those books since I was a kid.. and who doesn't? :-) all those lovely illustrations and the stories.. just lovely..

Wishing Molly a safe trip and happy VTT to you :-)

Ulla said...

Little Golden Books belonged to my childhood as well. I think we had the Zoo book.

the wild raspberry said...

ah yes.... these books do beckon don't they?! your collection is terrific! what sweet pictures they have...
i pray that your daughter has a safe and successful trip.

Shasta said...

I love the Little Golden Books. I went through my cedar chest before bringing it home in March and found several of the golden books hiding in the bottom, but not my favorite one. I mentioned the one I was thinking about to Angela and she had it and gave it to me. I cannot ever remember the name of the book but sat down and read it when I was home. It is about a lion who gives all of his mane away so the birds can build nests. He gives all but one hair away and his beautiful mane just won't grow back. The birds bring leaves to make him a man out of. I just love that book!!!

Lee said...

I so remember these books and probably have a bunch in my childhood boxes. I know i had the zoo book like yours! thanks for the trip down memory lane.

CC said...

I love Golden books, so have my children and grandchildren. There is little that's more wonderful that the oldie Golden books.
Happy VTT..and my prayers and well wishes for Molly...

Andi said...

I did and still do have my Gingham paper dolls! My girls love playing with them!

Susan said...

I loved Golden books as a child myself and bought them for my own children. I kept quite a few especially the Christmas ones.
I'll pray for Molly while on the mission trip; my son has gone on several.

Marilyn said...

WE are praying for Molly and the team that she is going with. I used to have a lot of Little Golden Books, but alas, my daughters claimed them and now I need to go to garage sales. HA

Coloradolady said...

Blessings for Molly and her group, I think I would be a bit nervous too, but God will protect.

I have loved Golden Books too, and have several all boxed up somewhere!!

Have a great VTT and a wonderful weekend...keep us posted on Molly's trip.

Anonymous said...

i love to collect little golden books too..i love the vintage ones :)

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