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Sunday, November 01, 2009

A Fallish Sunday Night Supper

We had an associational meeting at church tonight so it was really too late to eat supper when we got home.  I must amend that statement--it was to late to make and clean up supper!  It's never too late to eat.

So for supper.....

We had......

My favorite Sunday supper.....

That has been a tradition with my family as long as I can remember.....

Are you ready????

I will confess I dressed it up a little to make the cute little face--I like to play with my food!

Here it is!

Popcorn, Apples and Cheese!

The candy corn and grapes aren't traditional, but they are a great addition!


Shannon said...

How fun! Gotta love family traditions!

Anonymous said...

We have that almost every sunday evening. Bradley thought we were crazy, but now he loves it too. Oh, of course the popcorn can NOT be microwave cause that just isn't the same thing.


Becky said...

Looks yummy!!

Marilyn said...

My Sunday favorite. I am glad that the tradition lives on. Of course--the best popcorn is made in the kettle on the stove. Oh so good...... Loved the picture.

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