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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Sometimes I'm a Liar

But I don't really mean to be.

I'm a librarian.  During the school year, I'm asked crazy and not so crazy questions all day, every day.  You can read about me being a Sarcastic Know It All here.

Yes.  I am a Sarcastic Know it All and an Inadvertent Liar.

It's a habit--if someone asks a question, I'm compelled to answer it.  I do it 180+ days a year and it's kinda hard to turn off this gift of mine!

Ask why, where, or what and I'm on it.  Mispronounce a word and I'll correct it for you.

And there's so much information floating through this brain of mine.  I just have a hard time finding the parts that go together.

It's like a puzzle.  The pieces appear to fit, the colors pretty much match, the edges kind of line up.   But somehow, the facts just don't quite click!

My hard drive needs de-fragmented, I think.

And sometimes I just answer cause I can and I know the recipient to said answer will not bother to look it up and the answer doesn't really matter!

It's pathetic, I know.

But today I have a treat for you!  We are vacationing near San Diego and visited the zoo today.  We saw lots of thing's I'd never seen before.  And we saw lots of things I could tell you random (and even possibly true) facts about.

But I think my favorite sight was this:

Flamingos nesting
The one in the middle is turning an egg.  Or something.

And baby flamingos--so cute.

Flamingos are pink or red because of their diet and paler flamingos are not healthy--thus not attracting mates.  And they produce milk--yes, it is true! When they eat and regurgitate their food to feed the babies, they produce 'crop milk' from their craw that has prolactin and less protein for their babies whom both parents feed for about two months till the baby flamingos are able to filter feed themselves from the bottom of ponds.  Neat huh!

And I'm not lyin' either!


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Very neat. Or, as Andi would say, Neat-OH. :)

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