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Tuesday, December 07, 2010

It's my World

I made Friendship Bread tonight--Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate Coconut (umm, umm, good), Fruity Cinnamon, Raspberry Applesauce.  I'm wrapping it up and putting it in the freezer for gifts.  I hope I remember I did it!

It snowed here today.  Many complaints were made on Facebook about the TV satellites not working because they were covered in the wet, white stuff.  You would be proud--I did not say even once to quit griping and depending on the idiot box (as my dad used to say) and find a book.  You big babies.  But I didn't post it--admirable self restraint, if I do say so myself.

The Scholastic Book fair is over and done and packed up.  We didn't make any money for the library but I did get to choose over $500 in free books.  That's awesome since they are almost the only new books we will have this year because of the budget cuts.

My husband had a delicious supper tonight all ready when I got home--spaghetti and meatballs, fresh green beans and crusty bread!  YUM! We also broke out a new jar of home made apricot jam to spread on the rolls.  It was as good as the last jar!

Sarah will be finished, graduated, matriculated and degree holding on Friday night!

There is a lovely fire in the fireplace.

Molly wrote an intriguing and inviting book report over Nathanial Philbrick's book, The Whaleship Essex.  It has been added to my reading pile.  Again!

Do you have a reading pile?  When I'm at working at school--putting away books, looking for research materials--I come across stuff I want to read--fiction, biographies, old books, new books, forgotten tomes, collections of short stories, bizarre stories, urban legends....  Eventually, the pile in my office becomes unmanageable, I need some of the books out of it for someone else and I put them all back.  And start a new one!

I impressed the library hanger-outers this week.  I have a crew of kids who are finished with school after fifth period.  For some bizarre reason, they like to stay at school in the library playing online video games, laughing uproariously and occasionally doing a bit of homework.  One particular young man was playing Nintendo64 style Mario brothers on the computer and I commented that I love that game!  "You?"  The look of amazement killed me.  They were even further impressed when I told them of my love for "The Legend of Zelda." Yea, I'm cool like that!

So what's up with you?


Sarah Kamolz (Castor) said...

You are cool like that! So excited the world is coming to a lovely calming! Not only do I agree about the satellite thing, but also, if people were really that irritated, I say "get off facebook and go outside and get the wet white stuff off! DUH!" Lol! I'm excited to see you on Friday and excited in knowing, I don't have to go back to attend class at USAO again! Wee!

Today's Word Verification: "beffava" noun - the strange liquid and gascious combination that is let off from a volcano, just before the real lava appears. It's origin is of Indian decent when they often saw their cattle or "beef" (beff) coming from the hills to retreat from the gas and liquid!

And now you know! Haha!

Delyn said...

I have a reading pile, and it includes lots of different kinds of books, too. And, I also have a wish list on my Kindle...

I also put some books back on the shelf from time to time -- when the reading pile starts leaning!

one thing I love about winter - I get to read and sew more often! the sun goes down sooner and I don't see things outside that need to be done!

Merry Christmas!

Andi said...

I enjoyed reading about your world today. Of course you're cool! The entire family is totally radical!!!

Wayne said...

LOL about the video game. Of course, you're cool like that. Here's a great line to use, "You young swipper-snappers have it so good today. Back when I was playing video games, our 'heroes' were just a block of pixels. We actually had to use our imaginations to see the perfectly rendered 3D worlds."

I doubt you remember this, but it took me months of working at the TG&Y in Alva to get my Atari out of layaway. Ah, the memories.

Not much has changed, though, since these days I still work months to buy video games for the kids. LOL

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