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Saturday, May 14, 2011


I got money for Christmas this year and spent it on a Kindle--it was the best toy I've ever bought myself!  It saved my sanity during the endless state testing!

By the way--Have you seen this button?

I'll bet that if those idiots people who serve on the state legislature would come and work at a school during state testing we would not have so many tests.  Oh and they should also have to work in the ISD (in-school detention) room.  And just for good measure, teach a remediation class.  

So, anyhow, I've been severely distracted from blog posting and reading by my little grey toy.  In case you're considering purchasing an e-reader, Just go for it! My husband and daughter have read kindle books purchased through my account on their iphones.  I have downloaded lots of free books from the Amazon website--and they are not only public domain books--plenty of recent ones to choose from!  Sometimes a publisher will release a first volume in a series right before the new one comes out to drum up interest in purchasing.  I've also read stuff I would have never even heard of if I hadn't found it for free.  

Nook and Kindle are pretty comparable.  An iPad or the Color Nook are what I would choose if I were going to read alot of picture books online.  But the iPad is heavier and the glare is bad for reading.  

So--I love my ereader!  I still read plenty of traditional style books but this just gives me more choices!

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The Cronks said...

I enjoy my ereader, too... Probably would never have bought it for myself, but thankful that Trent thought I needed one. Looking back, I think he may have thought I needed to get rid of the STACK of books I carried with me. :o)

I was disappointed last week, when I tried to find 'Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry' and it was not available in Kindle version. :o(

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