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Monday, July 11, 2011

Follow my Friend!

My good buddy Radar has a blog-- O-Cha and Matcha More!  Go visit it!

His name isn't really Radar.  We met in college and we were all fans of M*A*S*H so as a result he became known as Radar.  Not sure why no one else had a name from the show but oh well.  After we graduated and went our separate ways, he called me one time and said, "Hi Dawn, this is Wayne.  Want to meet for lunch or something?"  and I had to wonder for awhile who the heck "Wayne" was that wanted to go to lunch!

You'll love him!  He's a fellow tea lover, a marching band alumnus, a video gamer and a husband and father!

And sometimes he's a clown!  

Well, go, what are you waiting for???

for the record, I shamelessly stole these pictures off his facebook page!


Paula said...

did and done...Fun stuff!

Andi said...

Well, I've been trying to figure out who the heck this guy was that my sisters seemed to know...And he seemed to know my sisters. Glad that's all cleared up now!

KiteFlyer said...

Uh, thanks Dawn?? Now everyone knows my hidden past.
Too many more secrets and I'll have to return the dishing.

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