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Sunday, July 10, 2011

Read This Book! Sketchy Behavior

When I saw that the main character in this book excelled in sarcasm, I knew I wanted to review it!  She sounded like a girl after my own heart!

I received an Advanced Reader's Copy for Sketchy Behavior by Erynn Mangum from Zondervan yesterday in the mail.  I've finished it!  It's terrific and I'm excited to add it to our High School library's shelves.

Kate Carter's life is changed forever when her art teacher brings a plainclothes detective into class to talk about forensic sketching.  Kate's class room assignment sketch helps catch a wanted murderer and turns her into an instant celebrity.  Her life is altered when she's followed by a police escort, overwhelmed by floral offerings of gratitude and hears her name called out constantly in the school halls--a big change from her previous anonymous state.  Kate wants to believe that with the murderer in prison, her life should be back to normal, but then the criminal's friends appear to extract revenge and she finds herself in a living nightmare!

Kate's near brush with death makes her question the possibilities of eternity.  One of the detectives shares glimmers of his faith with her and a boy in her art class becomes a friend after they meet by chance at a random church visit Kate's mom engineers.

As the parent of artsy people, I loved that the protagonist was an artist.  As a librarian, I loved that the emphasis on this teen book for girls was the mystery, and as a Christian I loved that Kate is searching for life changing answers.  As a reader, I loved that this is the first in a series!

Sketchy Behavior isn't available to buy till September, but you can pre-order it from most book vendors.  If you like YA novels--even if you're not a young adult, pre-order this book!  You'll be glad you did!

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Andi said...

Can I preborrow it from my sister?

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