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Friday, July 29, 2011

My Least Favorite Thing To Do, Ever

I absolutely hate car shopping.  It is so intimidating--We researched cars and looked up dealers and sought good prices and recommendations.  Hours were spent on the quest before we even went to a car dealership.

Why are we shopping for cars?  I'm so glad you asked.  Because Molly was hit going through an intersection by someone who didn't stop at the stop sign.  She wasn't hurt and at first it appeared that the car wasn't in that bad of shape.  But two weeks later, the repairs mounted until the insurance company decided to total the car.  

And I know this sounds selfish but it is so dad gummed inconvenient!  The car ran great and it was paid for.  We loved it, Molly loved it, it looked nice.  It seemed to have a good long life ahead of it.  And of course to get an equitable vehicle, we are going to have to add money to the amount received from the insurance company.  They didn't seem interested in awarding us and 'inconvenience' stipend.

Another issue of car shopping yesterday--it was, like 107 degrees or something, give or take a degree.  So fun to stand on the asphalt in the hot sun, looking at cars and trying to be polite while my underwear is soaked.  Thank heavens for air conditioning and my Kindle!  

While Les and Molly searched outside for potential rides, I sat in the pickup and read until she was ready to drive something!  Aren't I so supportive!  

At last through perseverance and much sweat, she found a new vehicle:  

She's all grown up now with her name on the title and on the loan for an '06 Jeep Liberty.

You'll be glad to know I read my book through all the paperwork too....  Isn't that what Dad's are for???


Ashley said...

I HATE car shopping too!!!! but her new car looks spiffy! :)

KiteFlyer said...

Ugh! We're getting ready to go through the same pain. And we'll likely be doing it in soaked underwear, too.
Her new vehicle looks great! Sorry for the circumstances, but congratulations on the new ride!

Paula said...

Her name is on the title??? sniff sniff isn't she just a little girl? congrats on the car

Crazy Sister said...

I see a lot of Auntie Andi in that pose of Molly's!

What a cute Jeep! Hopefully the light colour will make it easier for morons to see when they're breaking the road rules. But your 'old' car - THAT's considered totalled? Yeesh.

Freckled Hen said...

I'm glad your daughter is okay, accidents are so upsetting! I like her new wheels though and she looks like she likes them, too!

Relyn said...

That's a terrific picture - full of joy. I love it! I’ve been a blogging slacker lately. Jeffrey and Sloane were gone for two weeks and I found myself completely absorbed by house projects; an unintentional blog break. Now we're on a long, long road trip. We’re in Arizona now and I have a bit of time on the computer – finally! I was having withdrawls from being away from my blogger buddies so long, I tell you. I hope your summer continues to be as wonderful as it sounds here. Love to you and yours.

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