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Monday, September 12, 2011

The Fabric, Oh, the Fabric

I've told you before about our Prayer Knot Quilt Ministry at church.  Well, this past weekend, we had our monthly sewfest, and as we planned out our weekend projects, it was discovered that we needed more fabric (imagine all of our husbands rolling their eyes at this statement!).  There is lots of fabric--shelves and boxes and baskets full--available for quilting projects but it is pretty scrappy--a yard or two at the most--which is perfect for scrap quilts of course but when it comes time to add the sashing, binding and the back, we often have to go buy more.

So my friends, Laverna and Phoebe accompanied me to Wal Mart to see what we could find to complete the newest project.  

What happened next is not at all our fault.  We quickly found our fabric and waited on an associate to come help us.  

And then it happened.  As we stood there patiently, what should we spy but a display of cute fabric packs!  Only 8 bucks for four yards!  I'm awful at math, but even I know that only works out to two dollars a yard.  It was a bargain!

And did I mention how cute it is?  Flowers and medallions and owls and polka dots and .....  Imagine the owls I can make for my imaginary Etsy Shop "Hooters!"  

seriously, if I were to have an Etsy shop it would not be named Hooters.  I hear the name's already taken and it is not at all in reference to woodland dwellers.  I would name it something elegant like "Owl  always love you" or something...

I limited myself to four packs--eight (!) new prints!  Laverna was more restrained than I--she only bought 2.  And Phoebe asked if we were about ready to leave.  

And then a guy came over from sporting goods, cut our fabric for church and we left!

And then I took my fabric home and petted it and admired it and tried to decide where to put it.



Perhaps I have a problem?  



Andi said...

It's organized...Therefore it is NOT a problem! I love that you're so crafty. Maybe someday I'll grow up to be as clever as you.

But probably not.

Paula said...

a guy from sporting goods came and cut your fabric. LOVE IT!
You don't have a problem as long as you have a vision of what you can create with that great purchase.

Marilyn said...

Love it. It is so cute.

Relyn said...


maybe not a problem. Let's just call it a habit, shall we?

Freckled Hen said...

There is still plenty of room! As long as the doors close! I think I told you my daughter loves owls..she opened an etsy shop called The Wayward Owl.
Hope you have a great day!

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