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Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Why Teachers are Weird

Have you ever wondered why teachers are so weird?  And willing to make total fools of themselves in front of the most critical audiences on the planet?
Middle aged women who rap poetry--perhaps poorly.  Poor poetry or poor rapping?  Not sure which.

Does it make you curious why teachers laugh at their own dumb jokes?
Did you know punctuation kills?  Watch out for comma placement!  
"Let's eat Grandma!"  Oh no!  Poor Grandma!
"Let's eat, Grandma!"  Much better!
(personally I think this is totally hilarious and not dumb at all!)

I'll tell you why--cause we are desperate for entertainment.  Appropriate entertainment that is.

When you repeat the same thing multiple times a day to the same blank-eyed stares, sometimes you've just got to rap badly.

Or tell dumb jokes.  That you can laugh at.

It's not about entertaining the students.  Oh no.

It's about entertaining yourself to save your sanity.

And suddenly, you don't really care if you look foolish, or sound dumb, or like your mother or like that 7th grade science teacher.

You're just a person who needs some levity to push back the sea of savage beasts that are swarming around your desk and threatening to engulf you.

And you are not afraid to mix metaphors.

 Because you've come to realize the blank-eyed stares of the savage, swarming beasts is actually the Zombie Apocalypse and it is already here in the form of America's Youth.

Believe it.  Or not.

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Andi said...

"the sea of savage beasts?"

Wow...That sounds frightening!

KiteFlyer said...

Wow. I am so not with it today. I studied that picture for MINUTES trying to figure why that peanut killed himself with a club to let the others eat his head.

[sigh] And I'm so into the Zombie Apocalypse, too. I love watching The Walking Dead on AMC.

KiteFlyer said...

Oh, how about a comment on your post? After all, I do have my own blog to write about me...

I can definitely see why teachers resort to any humor. A lot of times the other option would be to strangle some kids. If paddling students is frowned on, I'm sure strangulation is discouraged, too.

Word verification: calic
I once had a teacher tell me, "If you don't straighten up, I'll give you a head slap that'll take that cowlick off your head." This was a teacher that we all respected very much.

Crazy Sister said...

Love the picture!

Surely your students must entertain you, sometimes? I was helping in the classroom once and was proof reading a little girl's writing, where she'd written the word 'pencil'. Except she'd spelled it 'penis il', and I nearly popped trying not to laugh, because I'm immature.

Dawn said...

An accidental 'penis' is cute. A deliberately drawn, greatly exaggerated one on the vinyl library couch is not. (the couch is now in my office with a pillow over it. That people keep moving.) And it's permanent. I've thought about turning it into a flower but decided it would be to grotesque. And it would always look like a p to me.....

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