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Saturday, December 10, 2011

The Cat Under the Christmas Tree

Ladies and Gentlemen.  Welcome to another edition of "Gratuitous Cat Photos."

We'll begin our presentation with the soft focus, glow-y photo.  It will put you in the holiday mood!

And will make you feel better about your photographic skills!  Let's pretend that I deliberately didn't focus this picture so it would be all full of that holiday 'bokeh' that so many photographers are talking about.....

Next up!  Fresh and colorful (kind of)!  Find the kitty in the snowy cloth beneath the Christmas Tree! 

Yes, her "Patch"y hat gives her away!  You should see her try to sneak up on birds in the yard in the summer--snowy white coat against a field of green!


" All Right, Mr. DeMille, I'm ready for my closeup!"  Or not!  But you get the picture!

It's kinda sad to see our Patchy cat sleeping alone under the Christmas tree.  Last year, she had the World's Most Spoiled Dog to keep her company.  

Well, it's sad until I remember all the times we came home early to let out the World's Most Spoiled Dog.  Or got up at night to let out the WMSD.  Or when I see the scratch marks on our doors from the neurotic WMSD.  Then it's not sad.  

But one cat under a Christmas tree--kinda lonely.

Guess we better get to wrapping presents!  


Andi said...

OR get another pet to keep her company!!! heh heh

Dawn said...

NO!!! No more pets!! We are within months of being empty nesters again and don't really want anything to train, teach or let out!! But your pets are adorable. At your house;)

Keetha Broyles said...

I am SOOOOO glad I no longer have cats to mess with my Christmas decor and it can stay JUST LIKE I FIXED it with no disruption - - - - - - oh but wait!!! It CAN'T 'cause now Fisherhubby is messing with it!!!

KiteFlyer said...

Wow. My pictures are always full of "bokeh". I didn't realize I was so talented.

They say cats cope better when they're in pairs. You need another.

Hey, we've got three. We're coming to OK in a week. I'll bring one, and then we'll both have a pair of stress-free cats!

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