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Monday, December 12, 2011

Just Sharing Information

Don't be jealous if your fireplace area doesn't look as festive as mine.  To duplicate this look, you must mix Fall decorations, random objects moved from places in the house, piles of knick knacks and sparkly stuff and other tidbits that you may or may not use in decorating for Christmas.  

Do you have any fishing floats?  You know those awesome glass balls (well, I think they are awesome, so you must too, ok?) that fishermen tie to their nets in the ocean?  What?  They don't really do that?  I'm sure they do.  And I'm sure that the ones I purchased at a garage sale here in Oklahoma were washed up on some shore when they came loose from the nets.

Well, anyways, I have this basket of them that I've collected from various and sundry places.  I really like the basket and I really like the floats and I really like to put them in front of a light source so the light shines through them and shows the pretty colors.  Really.  They are pretty--just not so much in this picture--dusty as they are.

I have one less float today.  I moved the basket so Les could put out the Nativity and as I sat it on the brick, one of the floats rolled out and broke.

And did you know that Fishing floats not only break, but they explode upon impact with brick?  It must be all the gases and such that built up when they were floating, lost upon the surface of the sea, before being washed up onto a distant shore, found and sold in an Oklahoma garage sale.

I had glass bits clear across the room!

Not quite the Christmas glitter I had in mind!

Happy Decorating!


Andi said...

So, you don't think anyone used nets in Oklahoma lakes??

By the way, it does my heart good to see clutter in your house, even if I know that this is the only place it exists...

Freckled Hen said...

it's not really holiday decorating unless there is mayhem and broken glass.

Marilyn said...

My decorating is very trivial this year. One little tree, 8 nativity sets, Poinsettas, and greenery. Oh yes, the snowmen in the kitchen are a must.

KiteFlyer said...

For shame! All that clutter! How can you sleep at night?

Just for the record, there's a reason any pictures of our house on my blog have been carefully arranged so as not to include more than necessary in the frame.

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Granny Sue said...

Love it! It takes a lot of clutter for me to be creative, so I drag it all out, make a huge mess and in the end it *usually* looks great. You're brave to show that process to the world!

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