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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

The Little Buckaroo was Born or A Cowboy Nativity

Remember that Garage Sale that was not really a Garage Sale, but a Giveaway Extravaganza?  (Is it proper to capitalize Garage Sale?)  I posted about the Shirley Jones Skirt and the Amazing Mr. T Camping Experience?  Well, I had the amazing luck to find amongst the treasures of the Extravaganza a box of Christmas ornaments that included a number of ceramic cowboy hats!

And there were just enough!


Three for the Kings (the visiting cowboy had his own).

Two for Mary and Joseph and the shepherd boy who laid his reverently at his knee 
while bowing before the baby Jesus. (it's hard to wear a hat with a sheep on your shoulder)

And one left over for the Heralding Angel!  


Keetha Broyles said...

LOL - - - very cute!

I have a black bear nativity down in my football cave. AND I saw a moose nativity in the same shop where I bough my bears.

Andi said...

OKay, I was about to be mad that you had found a cowboy nativity that I didn't see to snatch up first! Like I need any more "stuff."

Marilyn said...

When going to Amarillo this week we stopped in a DQ that had all types of Nativities. One was in a Mexican Adobe with Longhorn cattle and goats looking on. The plants were yucca and cactus. There was also a Johnny and Jane West in a stable with baby Jesus and their horses nearby. Many others but these 2 caught my eye. There were probably 20 different ones. I admired the people who were bold and only decorated with them. I love nativities. I also love your clutter.

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