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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Burrowing Mammals

Moles, pocket gophers, burrowing mammals and insects....

I have been battling these critters for several years and I'm a bit afraid our house may fall into a giant hole created by them one day.

A couple of weeks ago, there seemed to be progress.  Every time a new run appeared, it was opened up and stuffed with a noxious firecracker like thingy.  Each new run was stomped down and/or flooded with water.

Lo and behold, as the days progressed, the runs and mounds became fewer.

I gave a sigh of relief.  It seemed the battle was being won!

But then, guess what!  Mounds and runs have popped up all over our yard AGAIN.

I think those pesky things had gone on vacation and have come back!

Now wouldn't it be neat if I could find that video I took awhile back of a gopher at church?  He/she was digging, digging, digging away unconcernedly while we all stood around and took pictures.  Then our youth pastor went for a shovel and when he returned, the gopher got all shy and everything.

But I can't find the video so you will have to imagine it.

And it occurs to me that there are all sorts of spiritually significant things I could say about this post.  Like comparing the gopher runs to sin and such.

But I'll just let you smart people figure that out for yourselves, ok?


Andi said...

Oh, your will power is greater than mine...I would have ranted.

Keetha Broyles said...

Have you ever read Jan Karon's Mitford series??? Father Tim, in the series, has a similar fight with moles in his yard - - - I don't believe he wins either.

We've never had THAT particular problem, though I can't even REMEMBER what green grass looks like.

Very sad face.

Rebecca D said...

I think I suddenly understand the appeal of the "Wack A Mole" game...

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