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Friday, December 16, 2011

A Myth

My mother and my sisters have this fantasy.

I've perhaps helped perpetuate the myth but it's time for the reveal and it ain't pretty.

They think I live in a clutter free house.  I've shown you my craft closet. Seriously!  I don't know where they get the idea that I can have all the junk I have in my house and it's not cluttered.

In fact after my cluttered fireplace hearth post, my sister said she was glad to see that I had clutter.

So, Ladies and Gentlemen--the truth shall be revealed:

I made the picture extra large just for you dear family.

Clutter is taking over.  You just don't realize that when you call to let me know you are coming I work like a madwoman to stick it all in some closet or drawer before you get here!


Andi said...

I use a laundry basket and throw all the clutter in it, then throw it in my closet!

And, the familial order from least to most:
5. Grandma Irene
4. Dawn
3. Me
2. Mom
1. Paula...

Is that going to get me in trouble? I think Paula only has clutter in her bedroom, but then there's her boys rooms...And Mom's overall clutter probably outweighs Paula's if we get into closets...And the only reason I'm in number three is I've moved three times so that help cut down. But I will soon slide into the number one slot if I keep accepting "treasures" from Brent's family!

Freckled Hen said...

Oh dear there goes my image of you as the perfect housewife/librarian. I feel so let down!

PS I'm on your blog early this morning to see how to cook bacon in the oven, yum!

Paula said...

Dawn, I'm not shocked you have clutter. I am shocked your hubby doesn't run behind you organizing it all.

Thanks Andi...You aren't in trouble. My bedroom/office/sewing room is so stinking frustrating, but then really where else could it all go. I don't count the boys mess in my stuff. We police it about every 3 months, but it ain't mine. And when you take into count the tiny square footage of my home and the sad fact that I have few closets/cabinets then the reality is I don't fair too badly. Oh and don't even mention the shop cause I don't go there. In his defense THE Man is better than his dad and better than ours, but still.

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